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Cupcakes, especially cupcake towers, are becoming more and more popular as wedding cakes. 

For many Reasons:

- You know exactly how many you need to cater for - less guesswork on how the cake will be cut and how far it will go

- Easily served - no worrying who will cut the cake, what parts of the cake will be cut, people just help themselves!

- Makes a really big impact - our Wedding cakes are tall but the cupcake towers are over 100cm!

- There is still a cake on the top so you can still get all of the great "cutting the cake" photos and you still have a tier of cake to keep if you wish 

- Great to personalise - we offer a range of flavours, cupcake case colours, caupcake wraps and icing styles so you can have a really unique tower

- Less waste - leftover cake can go dry if it has been cut and laid out for guests to eat for a few hours. Cupcakes are covered with icing so stay fresh longer.

- Cost Effective - even with stand hire included, our cupcake towers work out less than if you ordered a tiered cake from us to feed the same amount of people

Most Importantly - Who doesn't love a cupcake?!

Cupcake Wedding Cakes