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Sweet Cakes

Cakes for all Occasions 

70 Palmerston Road

Southsea, Portsmouth


07840 831686


Custom "Three Belles" Cupcakes for these Lovely Ladies...

Our Special Mothers Day Cupcakes - just right for showing mum how much you care! Why not give mum some flowers she won' forget with one of our cupcake boquets?

Apple Pie, Apple Pie, You are the Apple of our Eye!

Honeycomb Crunch, Sticky Banoffee, Raspberry & White Chocolate or Gooey Toffee Delight - We can't decide which is yummiest!

We usually make our Minions as a special order but sometimes you can pop in and be lucky- Gru might have left a few......

For a taste explosion we recommend an Orange Burst!

Glittery Red Velvet-A Glamorous Treat!

Key Lime Pie with Merangue Top, Chocolate Mint and Red Velvet with real Milk Chocolate Ripple

Specially for Christmas, Holly Leaves "Bakewell Tart" Cupcake flavoured with Almond and a layer of Jam.

Our Special "Giant" Birthday Cupcakes 

Blackberry Ripple, Choc Praline & Hazlenut, White Chocolate & Raspberry Flavours

​Lemon Meringue Pie and Oreo Flavour

All of our cupcakes are sold individually to eat in or take away but with so many choices we challenge you to only buy one! We have larger boxes and the more you buy the more you save so why not treat your friends or family too?

We always have a variety of flavours of cupcake on sale and these change seasonally, plus other yummy treats so there is always something different to try.

We make fresh Cupcakes and other scrumptious treats 7 days a week. They go straight on sale from our Kitchen so you can always be sure you are getting the freshest and tastiest treats.